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Facial Mask Powders: The Low Down

As an Esthetician I believe everyone should be very present and active in their skincare. That's why I created four facial powder masks that can be customized to your skin needs. I focused on the major skin concerns; Brightening, Detoxing, Rejuvenating and Soothing.

Your skin will vary month to month and even day to day. That's why these guys are pretty cool. YOU decide through using the products on how to read your own skin. Playing around with the different liquid additives makes the mask work how you need it to. 

The powders are a mix of powdered roots, herbs, flowers, seaweed, charcoals and clay (depending on which one you pick). I made these to be part of a twice a week mask treatment as well as your exfoliation treatment. Some have more "grit" than others and others just have clay as a light exfoliation. 

I recommend reading the ratios (most are 1:1) and start with something simple like a tablespoon. This provides enough mask to cover the face and neck. I personally like using a non porous bowl that only gets used for masking and a cheapo fan brush from Micheal's to apply (yep that's how they do it in spas!). Some people prefer runnier masks while others like thicker. So play around! I made these pretty goof proof so even if you make it too runny its still whooping some serious skin issues. . Have some left over? Use it as a body treatment! Use it in the bath tub and rinse with water and let your body soak in the herbal concoctions! So leave on for 10-20 minutes and rinse with a warm wet non abrasive wash cloth. Some masks are harder to get off (Detox) and all you need is warm water and patience to get it off. The more you tug at your skin (and this is everyday) the more aggravated it will become. Treat it right and it'll glow.

Okay so onto the most requested part!


You can put whatever you want on your face my sweet Ghoul. You can definitely jump around in the categories, these are just a few options. And water always works just fine.

** You get the best results using WARM liquids! Each mask contains beautiful powdered safflower oil that will melt with a bit a warmth and makes the mask so dreamy. Test the temperature on your wrist prior to application on your fancy face**

Soothing: yogurt, milk (animal or vegan), oatmeal, avocado, coconut water, cucumber, aloe vera gel (natural), aloe juice

Acne: banana with a splash of lemon juice, honey, cucumber, aloe juice

Oily: DILUTED apple cider vinegar, spearmint tea, tomato

Dry and or Combo: milk, aloe juice, yogurt, honey, avocado

Anti - Aging: strawberries, rosewater, pineapple, papaya, honey,milk (animal or vegan), pumpkin

Feeling sassy? Add a few drops of the Tannis Root or Scream Queen Facial Elixirs into the mix for an added boost.


Argan ,Castor ( I recommend mixing it with another oil since its VERY thick), Hemp Seed, Rose Hip Oil, Neem (GREAT with the Detox Mask) Grapeseed, Jojoba.


I'll get some hate but yes, stay away from coconut oil on your face. It won't penetrate into your skin and just sits there clogging up your pores. It's okay to use as a "makeup melter" but you have to immediately remove it with a cleanser. Wheat Germ Oil and Palm Oil is a pass as well. 



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