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Are You Double Cleansing?


Some of you may be familiar with this term while others not so much. It's pretty simple and once you start you'll be wondering why you haven't done it before. 

What it is:

Double cleansing consists of a two step cleansing routine in the evening. The reason behind this is simple. If you're wearing makeup, its going to take more than one cleanse to get it all off. If you've ever had a facial this is standard procedure to prep a client for the service.

Step 1:

Reach for something like Take Off Your Mask Makeup Remover that will break up makeup and prep your face for the next step. Any type of cleansing balm or light oil will also work for this step as well. Your goal is to get the majority of the makeup and SPF off. I love Take Off Your Mask because its super easy to use and it removes even the most difficult to remove makeup (looking at you waterproof mascara) and its safe to use around your mouth and eye area. It has a gentle scrubbing effect without being harsh thanks to the inclusion of clay so it really gets all that makeup off. Simply rinse and you're prepped for the second cleanse!

Step 2:

Reach for a creamy non foaming cleanser like They're Coming To Wash You Barbara. Now that you're down to your actual skin its important to use something that won't strip your skin but will effectively cleanse it. You can use your everyday cleanser as well! Even Misty Day's Magic Mud can work here too, just listen to your skin, it'll tell you what you need. Your goal is to be left with soft supple skin that feels hydrated with not a molecule of makeup left over.


Using this method will help you use less product afterwards. How? Being gentle to your skin and not stripping it allows for your skin to normalize its oil levels, its not a dry parched desert drinking everything in sight. 

Your skin will thank you! This makes sure you don't have any stray makeup left so your skin will look clearer if you tend to break out. Product will be able to do its job properly without having to work around leftover makeup. 

SPF is made to be tough! Another fact? Your skin can't breathe with it on and thats totally fine for during the day, not so much at night. That's when your skin repairs itself and using the double cleanse ensures that its off completely for a nice airy skin experience while you snooze. 

That's it! Super simple, you may even be doing it already and it's an easy way to step up your skincare game. 

Actual photo of me at the end of the day


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