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Master Scent List

Below is the master scent list for every scent that is currently available during its appropriate season. GDBS releases and brings back scents according to the four seasons. (will be continually updated). Scents marked with (*) are GC (general catalog) and are available year round.

Amok Amok Amok- spiced apples, hot buttery pastries, pumpkin guts, swirls of vanilla and crystallized sugar. Halloween Collection/seasonal

Blood Bath*- a delicate blend of sensual deep Dragons Blood and amber incense that finishes with a soft powdery scent with warm notes of Madagascar vanilla with bottom notes of light florals.

Breakfast With Witches*- a foodies delight! Hot beignets drizzled with maple syrup and pancakes topped with homemade whipped cream. Coven Collection

Dreadful SeanceAn atmospheric blend that puts you in the middle of a cold old room. Dusty wooden tables with strewed tarot cards, melted beeswax candles, a swirl of smoke and a drop of midnight vanilla. This blend starts off dusty/ papery and ends with a warm beeswax finish, fans of Ghosts of Seguin Island and Spider Gates will love this weird blend that smells just like an old dusty room. Boughs of Terror/ seasonal

Dirty Pillows*- a perfect prom night a bloody rose corsage and sandalwood. With a hint of pyrokenesis.

Don't Be A Hater, Dear*- a light but complex scent of coconut, cardamom, cream, saffron and pink peppercorns. Even Ghouls who dislike coconut will enjoy this soft and spicy blend.Coven Collection

Dose of Vitality*- "mmm tastes like honeysuckle"... a comforting floral blend that combines honeysuckle, fresh elderflowers and wildflower honey (vegan). Feels like you've been given the gift of immortality.  (please don't actually drink it).Coven Collection

Ghosts of Seguin Island*- salty sea air, pelting rains, decaying wood, small wisps of chai and patchouli. Nightmares of Hallows Past

Help Me With The Eyes- pumpkin guts, hot buttered rum, nutmeg, warm ginger and creamy, sugary vanilla. Not a pumpkin spice blend. Halloween Collection/seasonal

Hostel HeartTop notes of bergamot, orange zest and grapefruit open to a heart of dried rose petals and jasmine. Soft sandalwood and musk round out this crisp rose scent. Summer/seasonal

Hot Cocoa with Pyramid Head- Cozy up with your favorite monster. Steaming hot cups of delicious hot cocoa, cold tarnished metal wafts through the air while soot riddled air drifts through the flue. A very masculine/ unisex gourmand blend! Boughs of Terror/seasonal

Jordy's Broken Meteor*- meteor entrails of pure lush greenery and hints of upturned earth

Knotty Pine?!- you'll be 100% fine with smelling this blend in your eternal hell. Pine sap with notes of the cold atmosphere of the afterlife and sweetened revenge. Coven Collection (this scent is discontinued)

Michael Meyer Lemon Cake- puns be damned... luscious Meyer lemons blended into a airy and sugary cake. Summer Collection/seasonal

Moundshrouds Magic- dirty rosewood and cedar, rich blend of spicy clove, vetiver and dark amber. Halloween Collection/seasonal

Necromancy + Romance*- A true bright scent with tart Blackberry as the main star, crushed sage, Creamy vanilla and sweet grass. Tart and refreshing. Coven Collection

Never Sleep Again*- a keep you awake on pure caffeine and sugar blend; sugary black coffee with dollops of cream and vanilla, bottom notes of honey. Even coffee haters adore this blend.

Papa Legba*- a creamed blend of patchouli, sandalwood, hints of light citrus, vetiver and of course.. your soul.Coven Collection

Punishment of Krampus- cloven terror blend that sweeps you through the tops of snowy pine trees, mixing with scents of sweet chimney fires and scared children. Boughs of Terror/ seasonal

Simply Meant to Be- baked pumpkin purée, French vanilla cream, grated ginger, crushed almonds, rich brown sugar, cinnamon spice, crushed clove, and a hint of baked sweetness. Halloween Collection/seasonal

Soul Eater*- rustic haunted cedarwood cabins with traces of smoky patchouli, vetiver and creamy soul eating sandalwood. Unisex

Spider Gates*- a dark and sensual blend of upturned earth, wet vegetation and blended with midnight and french vanilla. Nightmares of Hallows Past

Supreme Cream*- a unique blend of heavy floral notes of jasmine and magnolia that are brightened by juicy lush green figs. Wonderful for lovers of floral and people looking to expand their tastes because honestly, this is the baddest witch in town. Coven Collection

Sweet Suffering*- a rip your soul apart blend of meaty earthy figs, the juiciest blood orange topped with a sweet dollop of creamy suffering. Best Seller

The Angry Princess*- a light and sensual floral blend of death white lilies and spicy oakmoss. 

The Bridgewater Triangle*- sweet and gooey toasted marshmallows, campfire smoke and dead leaves. Nightmares of Hallows Past

The Demon House*- crisp New England apples with hidden razor blades, local salt water taffy, rotting pumpkins and dried gourds. Nightmares of Hallows Past

The White Witch*- a musk heavy scent with light notes of vintage lace shawls and leather tassels. Directly inspired by Stevie Nicks. Customer quote "For me, it smells like a sun warmed room that has a leather reading chair and a touch of vanilla. Perhaps a candle in said room". Coven Collection

Tutti Scrubbin Frutti*- ripened pink berries swirled in creamed crazy, sugar cane and tonka beans. Summer/seasonal

Your Mother Uses Perfume / Bath Bombs In Hell*- heady church incense of soft sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh finished with notes of pine, eucalyptus, cedarwood and vanilla. Topped off with a mist of ozone, ala Exorcism on a rainy day. Unisex

Voodoo Queen*- this scent came into being while wandering Lafayette Cemetery No 1. Thick slices of pecan pie with notes of ritual tobacco and slight trails of smoke. Amanda's favorite scent of The Coven Collection.  

You've Always Been The Caretaker*- a classic boozy mix of the Golden Room; rum topped with bay leaf garnishes with wafting cigar smoke. Unisex